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Commercial Testimonials

SERVPRO developed an Emergency Ready Plan for the Flippin School District (a complete listing of every electrical, water and gas shutoff in the district and emergency numbers to each service) they included photos of the preferred entrance to the building and the shutoff itself. What a great service provided free of charge to the school districts! They provided each office with a hard copy as well as an app that contains the information. I can now carry this information with me (via the app) 24/7. 

Recently, SERVPRO made and "Emergency Ready Profile" for Boone County, Arkansas which consists of information for several buildings in our county. These buildings included the County Courthouse, Old Federal Building, Office of Emergency Management, County Health Unit, County Road Department, County Library, County Airport and the Airport Hanger, Extension Office, Election Commission and Prosecuting Attorney Office, and the County Sheriff's Office.

The "Emergency Ready Profile" was in great detail which included an emergency action checklist, advanced warning and emergency contacts, main utility information, primary contact information, insurance contact information, property overview, and building access information. The main utility information is extremely helpful because it describes exactly where the "shut off" locations are for the electricity, gas, and water for each building in the county. It goes into further detail by listing the account numbers for the utility services, as well as, contact information for each. In addition, this emergency profile also listed contacts for the insurance company, local hospitals, fire departments, and police departments for our convenience. All the information we would need to assist in an emergency situation is all in one booklet that is separated by building to make it as simple as possible.

Furthermore, SERVPRO does a fantastic job with providing an "Action Checklist" of what to do in the event of an emergency or damage to the building, which will help keep employees safe and help reduce business interruption. SERVPRO did an incredible job putting together the "Emergency Ready Profile" for Boone County, Arkansas. Mark Tyer answered any questions that we had and was very thorough in this process. We couldn't be happier with the work that was done.

Copy Products of Mountain Home's Manager Andy strongly agrees on the Certificate of Satisfaction form that he was very confident in the knowledge and professionalism of the SERVPRO team who performed the services at his business.

The Pastor strongly agreed on the Certificate of Satisfaction that SERVPRO Emergency Response Team took the time to review and discuss the documentation that he was asked to sign. Also the team was very knowledgeable, well-trained and equipped to handle the water loss.

The Apartment Manager strongly agreed that the SERVPRO staff was courteous, polite and very professional.

John strongly agreed that SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties on-site personnel clearly explained the cleaning process throughout the duration of the job and he would use SERVPRO for future cleaning and/or restoration needs. "Good Job, Thanks"